Introduction to Vara

At VARA we provide professional services to small to medium sized enterprises and third level sectors in Ireland and the UK. We are delivering impactful results for a range of clients across many business and technology areas. Our primary support activities focus on Innovation Management, Market Engagement and Business Development. With a dedicated team of experienced and qualified innovation and commercial experts we are successfully delivering unique value and advantage for client organisations using innovation and collaboration as effective enablers.

What we do
Innovation Management

We are often asked - what do you believe innovation is? In simple terms our response is - it’s turning ideas into invoices! Expanding further - Innovation is the successful management and exploitation of change.

Commercial Feasibility

At VARA, we draw on our proactive approach and wide business network across many industry sectors to investigate, scope and develop commercial cases for new innovations in support of further commercialisation activities

Business Development

We work with SME and research centre clients to target new business in a proactive way. We can provide you with qualified leads and appointments to pitch your product or service to and develop a sales plan appropriate to your service / product offering.

Funding secured for VARA client Trinity College Dublin’s IntegrityIQ.

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Exploring Commercialisation at Trinity College, Dublin

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Customer Discovery at UCC

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Our Expertise
Kieran Fegan

An engineering graduate of both the University of Ulster and Queen’s University, Belfast, Kieran's background spans engineering design, own successful business start-up, business development / sales, innovation management, project management and technology transfer.

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