Technology Scouting

In today’s world, if you are seeking to conceptualise and commercialise a product or service, the probability is that it exists in some close form somewhere in the world. Or the expertise to develop it exists within a leading research centre. Exploring some form of technology transfer arrangement with the objective of not having to invent or re-invent a wheel in-house to get to market faster with something proven should therefore be considered. We can work with you to identify and evaluate your need and to fully define:

  • What is the current need or gap?
  • What does the potential solution look like?
  • What commercial outcome might a solution deliver?
  • What is required to introduce and deliver the solution?

At VARA, we utilise an extensive network of innovation sources and contacts to identify the best solution for your business need. We can also provide expertise to guide you through the process of acquiring / licensing a new technology or product.

For SMEs, there is also the opportunity to engage with universities and research centres which are an excellent source of newly developed technologies, processes and expertise. In both Ireland and Northern Ireland, the incentives from state agencies for SMEs to work with Universities and Institutes of Technology are very attractive. We are knowledgeable of and skilled at facilitating appropriate third level input / support for companies through effective use of and application for the enabling mechanisms e.g. Innovation Vouchers, Innovation Partnerships, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, R&D funding etc.

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