Innovation Management

We are often asked – what do you believe innovation is? In simple terms our response is – it’s turning ideas into invoices. Expanding further – Innovation is the successful management and exploitation of change. Innovation in business involves building a culture which proactively supports adapting and changing to achieve a competitive advantage in a constantly evolving external market.

At VARA, we draw on years of industry and business support experience to support clients with successful innovation management and execution. We consider your value proposition, i.e. what the business is offering and how it is being delivered to the market. We can show you how to drive innovation through generating, stimulating and gathering ideas, as well as understanding how to evaluate and implement the development of an idea while maintaining a focus on your business and its market.

As we see it, the process of innovation can affect any number of areas within your business including;

  • New product and service development or improvements
  • Engaging with the market regularly to determine customer problems and needs
  • Promoting a culture of innovative teamwork and idea generation within the organisation in order to identify areas for improvement.
  • Changing or improving the business model in order to adapt to new trends, reacting to customer needs and competitive offerings
  • SME / Research Centre Innovation and R&D Partnerships

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