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Funding secured for VARA client Trinity College Dublin’s IntegrityIQ.

VARA Innovation Specialists has helped a team of researchers from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) secure €365,000 in funding from Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund to develop an AI platform designed to […]

Exploring Commercialisation at Trinity College, Dublin

Full house at the VARA Innovation Specialists commercialisation exploration workshop at Trinity College Dublin in July 2023, run in collaboration with Trinity Innovation VARA was delighted to be invited by Trinity Innovation to deliver this practical […]

Customer Discovery at UCC

VARA was delighted to deliver Customer Discovery training recently for University College Cork’s SPRINT accelerator participants, to help them understand the concept of value proposition and how to get unbiased […]

Building the Spin-Out pipeline at TU Dublin 

VARA Innovation Specialists was once again delighted to be invited by TU Dublin Innovation to deliver this practical commercialisation exploration workshop to get teams to start thinking about their research from a […]

Securing funding for clients

VARA clients success in securing over €2 Million R&D and Commercialisation funding University Research clients of VARA Innovation Specialists have had an excellent run of successful funding applications and secured […]

Scientists in Norway have found that painting one of the three blades on a wind turbine black reduces avian deaths by 72%. If this “contrast painting” were to be implemented […]

It may seem strange to hear someone who is helping you to develop a business strategy say… how can our over-arching vision be to grow this business in a way that puts […]

VARA was delighted to participate in the Strategyzer Masterclass in London recently, delivered by Alex Osterwalder. Alex is lead author of Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, which […]

VARA Innovation Specialists conducted a Competitive Feasibility Fund (CFF) commercial assessment for Letterkenny Institute of Technology’s WiSAR Lab recently. We are delighted that WiSAR has subsequently been awarded Commercialisation Funding […]